Recall on A3 preventing service etc


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I have, or rather had, my car booked into a main dealer for its first oil change. They where also going to attend to a recall item (or campaign I think they call it).
The 'recall' concerns a missing or faulty bolt that keeps the rear centre head rest in place. Just been rung to say that they have just realised they don't have the part. No big problem I thought will just get it done when they do. Have never used the 5th seat anyway. But apparently not, I was told that it is 'policy' that if a car is taken in by them when under a recall notice they cannot release the car until issue resolved.

So had to cancel service. Not the end of the world but what if a car needs urgent work of a much more serious nature than a head rest that cannot be adjusted? No info about when this bolt will appear so I could end up with an increasingly late service, due day is tomorrow.

Anyone else hit this snaggy; health & Safety gone mad?

Edit can a dealer legally retain a customers car I wonder?


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Utter ball sh1t.

My A4 was recalled for the heater element fix to stop it setting on fire, they couldn't do it there an then so I took car back and eventually re arranged for it to be done..... 8 months later.


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Thanks for comments. Will get back to them tomorrow and if they cannot do the service next week regardless I will go elsewhere. Probably to a VW/Audi independent specialist. They can access the online Audi service log book I believe.


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Get straight on to Audi CEO and complain bitterly , That is not nearly good enough.
If they demand they keep it ask for a S3 or above courtesy car .
Also ask to see the policy stating they must keep the car , bet they don't have it in writing .