Rear xenon leveller?


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Morning folks..

Just had my rear wheel off yesterday to measure the thickness of my spacer, and noticed this!


A few points...

Obviously the arm is broken and not attached to the bottom bit...

So would this not be an mot fail? And I can only assume that the wee box is working, ie power, because it doesn't show up on vagcom scan. This has been tied up like this since I bought the car, and it went through an mot for the sale...

Can I buy just the arm bit and re-attach it? Perhaps from a breaker? Is there any way of knowing if the wee box is knackered too or if it's fine?

I believe the front one is fine so perhaps is this why no fault code shows up?



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Adam P

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Mine has also been snapped since i have owned the car and not been an issue at mot, guess it depends how picky the tester is!


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To test, move the arm on the sensor, then turn the lights on. Wait a few seconds and you will hear the motors adjust the height.


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Cheers for the replies folks! I'll see if I can test it. Other than that, I'll just leave it as is..


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It seems to be a fairly weak and vulnerable part considering where it is on the car. Mine broke when I was changing the rubber seats that the rear springs sit on. Not particularly expensive and easy to the lights work how they are supposed to. Turns out when the car is full of people the lights are still on the road!! Worth fixing in my opinion....