Rear wiper, remove or replace?


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Seems mine has just died and being a 2006 model I read is common. Now, whats peoples views on replace or remove?

To be honest I tend not to use it as it makes the car dirty but it does come in handy at times.

If I get a second hand one is it specific to the A3 or do any other vags share the same motor? Its a 3 door hatch btw.


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I always think it looks like something's missing when they're removed, so I'd say keep it.

Can't help with the other question though I'm afriad, although I do know that you can get an aero wiper which look smarter/more modern.


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I like the blanked off look when you remove it, I had mine off my old mk4 gti...however I have completely decided against taking it off my A3 for the simple fact that I depend on it way more than I did with the golf. For some reason the A3 seems to kick up waaayy more muck off the road :/

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+1 to keep it , especially in this grotty weather .


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Keep it.
I don't get the fad for removing them, as with the weather in our country you will spend 50 percent of the time with a window you can't see out of if you remove it.
The shape of the back end seems to make the rear screen attract rain and road muck.


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Well I find the Auto dim rear view makes it driving like a van at night anyway. :D

I'm going to keep it and just get an aero wiper I think. To be honest it may put someone off come sale time so may as well keep it all oem.

Where's the best place to buy a motor? I suspect not Audi! lol


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Did it on my a3 tdi but shi* loads of soot would cover the window but it was still ok to see through, need some sort of method to accsess spray on the window with wiper delete to keep it a bit cleaner

looked much better though IMO


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It's on there for a reason ;)


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I don't have one on mine I had issue and motor seized common fault! Took it off and looks good on s3 without I think but that's me! Plus its one less issue what might happen again if thinking of keeping hold off it for a while! With the dirt issue I clean mine once a week and I never struggle to see out off it, if u ever do all u need is a bottle of fast glass cleaner and a clothe in ur boot!! ;)


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When i bought my a3 the rear arm was missing and was told the motor was also knackered so decided to blank it off at the time.

However with limo tints and now that the weather conditions are not so great i have just bought another motor and arm and looking to fit it back on lol


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One of the first things I do to my cars now, bin it! Long as you keep your car clean I don't get much issues, I like the smoother look!
Also rain-x helps a fair bit!