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sorry if this has already been answered, I checked frequently asked and sticky and this wasn't listed there that I could see.

On my A4 cabby project the rear window seems to have come away from the canvass on the convertible roof.

It seems like the glue has just come away from the canvass and needs to be re glued.

Audi advise replacing the whole roof unit at £000's of costs. no.

I would imagine this is a common problem with the age of the car ( 53 reg).

does anyone have any repair guides or advise on what glue may bond the glass and the roof canvass ?

youtube has videos of people using silicone type glue to glue it together but this doesn't state if it has the long term fix effect i am looking for.

again, sorry if this has already been posted.




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Mine failed a few weeks ago in both sides on the bottom corners. Used clear silicone for now with pillows under the glass on the rear shelf to push the glass up while it set. Worked fine for now bit it's not a permanant fix. Some people have has success with gorilla glue which is about £10 from screwfix. I'm going to try it when the weather returns.

I also got lucky a couple of years ago and got a brand new genuine audi roof outer skin in black on ebay for £150 but not fitted it yet as I'm saving it as a last resort.
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No prob. Couple of tips on gorilla glue, it needs to be done when ambient temp is warm and it expands as it cures and its brown ... If you google audi cab rear window there are various posts. There is another glue that may be better but I can't remember what it s called I'm afraid.