Rear Window Regultor


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Hi, tonight one of the kids put the rear drivers side window (2015 A3 Saloon) down and as it went down I could hear a crunching noise, I tried putting the window back up and there was more crunching then it stopped. I have managed to force it closed for tonight and quickly whipped the door car off to see if I could see anything obvious and found this:

EC353D26 C37C 4348 9293 F8241198CFAA

I’m assuming this is the regulator cable that has snapped and probably explains the noise? If it is the regulator that has packed in how difficult is this to replace? Anyone had a go?



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Not much help but my rear window regulator did something similar under warranty on my sportback.
you should be able to lift the window into position by hand and tape it up till it’s sorted as it can drop back down without it being taped.


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Its a bit of a fun job to do, dont buy eBay specials as they have habits of breaking & be careful with ecp, as even they sometimes need modifying to fit.


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Thanks for the info, I’ve looked at a few of the aftermarket options and did wonder if they’d be any good, genuine part it is then.


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Did you manage to get it fixed? Mines just done exactly the same as yours. Thought my little boy had jammed something in it but no the regulator wire has worn. I've ordered the part from autodoc and hopefully it's an easy ish fix.