Rear wheel position?


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Aug 21, 2012
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The rear suspension on my Avant had failed so I decided to go with Vogtland GT coilovers as replacements. It's sat too low at the moment but will hopefully get it adjusted over the next couple of days.

What set me off thinking that the suspension was failing was that the rear passenger tyre was rubbing when there was weight in the back. So much so that a recent trip with a fully loaded car melted the rear tyre. With the new suspension on, but set slightly too low, it is still rubbing on the passenger side. It takes a big bump to make the drivers side to rub but the passenger side can rub just from cornering at speed.

I had the tracking/alignment done and the problem got better but wasn't solved. That's when I thought of a problem that I've seen in the past on Vauxhalls, namely that one wheel sticks further out than the other, the car isn't built symmetrically. Lo and hehold, that's what is causing the rubbing. The passenger wheel is further from the centre line of the car than the drivers side.

The question is, is there any adjustability?
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The sub-frame is held in with 4 bolts, however alignment would be very difficult, it's not something I would like to adjust. You would need the right alignment tools, as if the subframe is adjusted all of the alignment will need to be redone.
When you say that you need right alignment tools, I assume you simply mean a garage with the ususal alignment kit as opposed to an Audi speific tool?