Rear Washer Rotates With Wiper


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Before i start, I did do a search on this and couldn't find an answer. My rear washer will rotate with the wiper arm and hardly any fluid will actually go onto the rear windscreen. I remember reading ages ago that there was a way to fix this and if i didn't the fluid would start to corrode the main motor itself?

So can anyone advise if i can just adjust the tightness of the wiper arm to sort this or do i aviod using the washer at all?



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This happened to my previous car (2001 polo GTi) which as it turns out has exactly the same rear wiper motors. Starts with the washer moving, then it starts to leak into your boot causing electrical problems with the boot switch etc. I resented throwing the whole motor assembly away so i drilled the copper pipe out of the middle of the steel wiper spindle, broke the plastic connector which the tube from the front of the car goes onto and fitted a new plastic tube through the middle of the spindle (got the tube out of a squirty Mr muscle bottle, it was the perfect diameter!).

I know thats not very clear but I never took any photos! Let me know if you need anymore help.