Rear wash not working


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Rear wash has not worked for a while, then the wiper stuck in the middle. I have removed the wiper and motor and it was disgusting.

I tested the wash with no wiper on and the water came out.

I cleaned the motor, re greased it and put it back. I changed the wiper arm (as it had seized on and I damaged it removing it). I have also replaced the nozzle.

But now the wash does not work. With the nozzle on or off no water. The connection in the boot when disconnected is wet and dripping so the water is making it down the pipe but not through the motor and up the spindle.

Any ideas????


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You need a new motor .
On Amazon for about £59, Valeo is the OE make.


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I bought a 2nd hand motor and it worked the wiper but no wash.

My original one wash worked with no nozzle on. But wiper stuck cos of gunk. I cleaned the gunk to move the wiper so in theory the water should now work.