Facelift Rear View Mirror Housing


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Hi all,

Thinking about the dashcam setup for my new car when it arrives, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the mirror housing is any different between the PFL and FL cars? I think the mirror itself is frameless in the FL car, but is there any difference in the parts behind it?

I'm getting the version with the lane assist camera (same as I have now), and I've confirmed that the camera I'm looking at would fit in my current car, so I'm hoping there are no changes...


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From what I've seen of a mates 17 plate S3 the trim covering the mirror stalk is the same as is the black print around the windshield so that they can remain common.


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The trim covering the mirror mount and the track up to the headlining is the same in both cars.

I looked at installing a camera in to the mirror itself and there is no space inside so I ended up, in my PFL, installing it in to the mirror trim which covers the mount. As I did not have high beam assist there was space inside. As long as you don't have high beam assist or matrix lights on your FL car there will be space inside.