Rear View Mirror (Auto-dimming)


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Hi Guys

Quick question- anyone have any idea how to remove the rear view mirror? Does it twist off? Basically mine seems to have "leaked" out of the bottom of it some kind of oily liquid and as such the auto-dimming feature has stopped working. In terms of replacing it, should I buy one from ebay? Or is this a common fault and would I be better buying a new one from Audi (£160+vat)?



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Is it a copper looking mark all along the bottom of your rear view mirror glass? If so would be interested to hear more about what it is as mine seems to have suffered a similar fate...
I have those copper looking marks on my wing mirrors. Never been sure of what it was. Replacements for just the glass was £30 each! I still have those marks on the mirrors...


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we have auto dimming rear view mirrors?