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Rear tie arms fitting

GeorgieS3 Apr 3, 2018

  1. GeorgieS3

    GeorgieS3 Registered User

    So as title says. This weekend (if they have arrived) I’m going to be fitting a pair of cookbot tie arms, replacing the lower arm.

    I’m wanting to now if when people have fit these they have used new bolts/nuts exactly the same size as the old?
    Thought I would just clarify before I pick the new bolts and nuts up.

    Also - should I set them a couple mm shorter? Or just let the mechanic do it when I go for 4 wheel alignment?


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  3. scotty_24

    scotty_24 Registered User

    I always use new nuts and bolts when working on my car, but I work in a dealership where this is the norm due to VAG rules.

    Set them to the same length as the OEM ones, then take it to someone who knows what they're doing to do a 4 wheel alignment properly.
    Its worth noting that its advisable to change the rose joint bushes (the bushes out at the hub top and bottom where the tie bars bolt to) while doing this as they are known to seize and cause tie arms to snap. Cheap as chips at a dealer for the new revised bushes.

    Top is old rose joints, bottom is new style bushes.

    Second pic is the "Tool" you need to make up to press them out. 32mm on the bush, then 46mm on other side of hub
    Rose joints.jpg bush tool.jpg
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  4. GeorgieS3

    GeorgieS3 Registered User

    Thanks for your response mate!
    Just what I needed, il get the bolts/nuts and new revised bushes.

    Do you remember what size threaded bar you used? Or should I just get a generic tool kit from eBay and fashion my own together?


  5. mattyy

    mattyy Registered User

    Use M12 threaded bar. Preferably something that’s a little stronger than normal galvanised bar as the threads strip easily.
    I tried M8 galv and it didn’t do jack except strip the threads, bought some m12 high tensile for a few quid and it was a piece of cake!
  6. scotty_24

    scotty_24 Registered User

    Yup, high tensile so it doesnt fall to bits as those bushes have been in there many years and seen some weather!

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