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Rear spring issues

kungfurasta Jul 15, 2013

  1. kungfurasta

    kungfurasta New Member


    Today I swapped the old coilovers and dampers on the rear for new audi dampers and used s-line springs. I also replaced top and bottom rubber mountings.

    When I test drove the car it was not right at all, lots of twang sounds from the rear. When looking under the car I can see the spring is not sat in the top mounting correctly and metal is touching metal (spring grinding on chasis)
    I can only think that I have either put the front springs on the rear or audi have given me the wrong rubber top mounting. The car does look very low at the rear.

    Are the rear springs the shorter wider ones (unsure of coloured dots as they are now on the car) or the narrower taller springs (one orange dot and three blue/grey)??

    What the F have I done?

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