Rear Shock Absorber Rubber Bellows


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Audi A4 1.8t B5 fitted with the B12 Suspension Pro Kit Eibach Springs and Bilstein shock Absorbers..

The Rubber Bellows that fit covering the rear suspension inner rod lasted about 2 years at most..
I have tried to get the original part from Audi 357513425 but no longer available..

I tried GSF and they sent me 2 hard plastic and one soft rubber
I declined them saying they were not the same parts and did not want to fit them knowing one might wear a lot less than the other..

Bit like the Front driveshaft Outer Boot I fitted that was a harder Plastic type unlike the others I have used that were soft Rubber always splitting and letting in dirt etc..

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the Shock Absorber Damper Bellows or also know as the Boot as it were..

I would prefer the hard type plastic ones if possible to avoid keep changing them...