Rear seatbelt rattle/missing parts


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Hi all,

I'm looking for some information regarding the rear side passenger seatbelt straps in my 2016 PFL S3 saloon.

I've owned the car for just over a month and I've noticed a really annoying rattle coming from the rear of the cabin area. I have narrowed it down to the seatbelt buckles vibrating against plastic trim when not in use. For now, I'm tucking them into the void between the seat base cushion and plastic trim.

My question is, there are no sliding stops that you find on pretty much every other seatbelt I've come across... according to ETKA, there aren't any, is this the same across the Audi range? If I were able to prevent the buckle from sliding to the bottom of the belt when not in use, it would prevent the buckle-on-trim rattle.

Something like this is what I suggest is missing;



Any other solutions would also be appreciated!




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When I first got my A3 this was the 1st question I asked on here as my buckle was also sliding all the way tot he bottom which made it annoying every time I went to grab the belt! My holder part had been slid to the bottom of the seat belt. check that. it might be there!


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I bought some plastic dots for my front belt as the original one had broken. Cost about £2 on eBay, just push through the belt

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I tucked them into the side of the seats (SB) and it still rattled. I looked all around the boot, wedging everything around the spare wheel etc. Still rattled.
After several months I found that the rattle was from the seat back catch rattling on the pin. I could have had Audi rip the seat apart to try and tighten it but just wrapped a carrier bag around the pin, flipped the seat up and silence ever since.