Rear seat removal tips for fitting ISOFIX kit


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This is my first post so thanks in advance for any pointers.

Found a great thread that explains a lot about how to retrofit an ISOFIX kit. However, I can't even get the rear seats off!

Have done some more searching and people are saying things like;

- just give it a violent tug
- remove bolts at the back first
- remove backs of the seat followed by another couple of bolts and grommets

... but it's just not working for me.

I have a 52 A4 Avant (1.9 TDI).

Can anyone offer any tips?



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The seat base in my Cab just comes off by hard tug at each end and the middle directly up. there is a metal lug on the seat base that goes into a hole, Then lift up the front of the seat and it just sort of pivots out. Not sure about the backrest, not done that yet but will do soon so I can fit my parking sensors :)


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The "bum" bench seat is kept in at the front with disposable clips near each front corner so just give it a tug.

I was then able to fit the ISOFIX bar in place without removing the backrest - access was still limited but a bit of patience and job done.
Note: I have a fixed rear as not got spilt folding rear seats in my Saloon.

With an Avant the back seats are moveable so should be easier than a saloon for access.

Here is QuattroJames guide - with pictures - so should be easy enough.
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I have the same car. All I did was to tilt the backrest forward and you can then see the holes. Then just screw the bar into's a little tricky but persevere.
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