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Was wondering if anyone has done a rear seat delete on their A3/S3. Seen my mates TT with the rear seat delete kit done. It looks pretty cool.
Would be a nice place to put the battery, stereo system amp, wmi setup and a windscreen washer fluid tank, all covered up by a false floor.

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Professional Rear Seat Delete | Klutch Republik


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The Clio lot do this. To save weight in track cars. It won't make much difference in your S3 as it's the Recaros that add to the weight. It looks... OK. I guess. For the money, I really wouldn't bother and would plough it into more performance upgrades if I were you!


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Easy enough to do yourself if you've got the time as well.


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Not gonna save much weight with half a forest in yer boot :)

Reminds me of my old stereo install days... ah the smell of MDF dust!! lol...




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I did this last year for a track night at Knockhill, the rear seatbacks actually weigh a fair amount, to the extent that for the first time since it was lowered, the car actually sat evenly and wasn't lower at the rear! Honestly, they aint light those things!