Rear rubbing with coilovers and spacers .. arch liner not flush with bodywork


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I've lowered my car and fitted 12mm rear spacers, it's been like this for years now and it's all good, but I get a bit of rubbing from the rear. I have removed the top screw from the rear arches today (although I might file them down and replace them soon)... I should have done this a long time ago tbh when I removed the screws from the front arches, but oh well.

I have noticed that the OSR arch lining has come away from the bodywork a bit at the top where the bumper meets the bodywork of the car. I can't see how this is normally secured and I can only assume it has been like that for a while, maybe from factory, so it has bent out of shape a bit and it won't go back.

Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know how easy it is to change an arch liner? or how much it will cost? Or have any ideas on how I could secure it back so it's flush? It's not a problem, but there is a mark on the liner where it's caught the wheel, so it would be good to eliminate that as a source of rubbing too. I've even thought about super gluing it lol!



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it should just push back into position i think i get a bit of rubbing on the rear too but thats because of a cheapo tyre i have on that side the tyre is too square compaired to the nice rounded other side if that makes sense lol