Rear protective cover for dog


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Someone have a link from a good rear protective cover for a dog?
For an Audi s3 8v fl
And one for a fair price not the overpriced one from audi :p


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Fair point, don't think it would be a good idea with a saloon.

There's no reason not to if you use a harness or restraint which attaches to the rear belt anchorages.

Not everyone who has a dog (or dogs) has the luxury of a large estate car with a heavy-duty dog guard in the back.

And even if they do, the back of their large estate car may already be full of luggage.

Dogs are members of the family. You can't just leave them behind.

We dog owners have to find other solutions to taking our non-judgemental chums along with us.



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I did not word my reply correctly. The intention was that I obviously do not see it as a good idea puttting a dog in a boot without light, ie that of a saloon and not a hatchbag or estate car.
I appreciate owners have dogs and see them as part of the family. It is reassuring that you use a harness to reduce the likelehood of injury to your dog or passengers. I wish other owners were as responsible as youe are.



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No help for OP, but it is on topic, albeit for a hatchback. anyone know of any crates that fit in the boot? These two have a habit of chewing, so I’d need a mobile clink for them. HEHE.