Rear Parking sensors


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Anyone knows or could recommend any place to have fitted on my MY15 A3 colour coded rear parking sensors at a reasonable price? I'm not really bothered about the optical display.

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Sorry I think you messaged me but the message got deleted, can you resend please.
If you're handy and confident these look OEM for £60 all in with spray paint, laquer and bypass relay. I fitted these to wife's fiesta when I fitted a towbar and they work a treat. Otherwise I wouldn't entrust my car to anyone but an Audi dealer to rip the bumper off to fit OEM sensors.

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Most aftermarket "installers" will fit these flange type below with a flash of spray as you fit from the outside and can usually get away without taking the bumper off. Fitting is money for old rope,the systems are dirt cheap and they still charge a fortune for doing it.