Rear Parking Aid Sensors


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Dec 15, 2012
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Hello everyone

I am having some problems with the rear parking sensors. I have the 02070 - Rear Parking Aid Sensors: Open Circuit fault code and no clue what to do next.

I have visually checked the rear sensors. Looks fine. Ross tech suggests the plugs to at least 1 sensor might be unconnected or broken. I have also checked the plugs on the control unit. No problem there either.

I unplugged all the control unit connectors and replugged and found 4 fault codes: rear right sensor, rear mid-left sensor, rear mid-right sensor and 02070 rear parking aid sensors. After clearing them, only the above fault remains

Could it be the control unit itself?
Hi Mate, Can I ask if you found a solution to your problem? And how you fixed it?

I have the exact same problem. No other faults apart from 02070 - Rear Parking Aid Sensors 011 - Open Circuit

Have check the sensors cables, connections, wiring harness and Park Assist control module connector. No open circuit anywhere so I am stumped. Would love to know how you fixed it and what exactly it was.

Thanks Cheers

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