Rear Pads time again

ok so I had a cheap VCDS lead just for doing the rear pads , It has worked for the last 2 changes but not it won`t connect to that module. I haven`t updated it but its knows its not real now

What do people use to change the pads ??? I might have to invest in VCDS but the license thing is annoying now. I have the A6 and a sirocco.

Steve D

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Cant you just remove the motors and wind the mechanisms back?

Failing that, how about one of those OBD eleven dongles?

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Maybe just not sure which obd11 units are any good. Vcds is 225 quid for 3 licence. I used to share a genuine unit but my mate sold it. The fake wire has done its job so far but something has done it in.

Still shows fault codes just won't wind calipers back or reset service indicator .


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Think Carista which is £24.99 on Amazon and gives you 1 month of all functionality in that price allows you to wind back the calipers and also reset the service indictor. To do that after the first month is either £9.99 for one month, £19.99 for 3 months of £46.99 for 12 months subscription. Not as comprehensve as OBD11 or VCDS but a lot cheaper


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Disconnect the connector to the motor and apply 12v to it. Orientation wont matter as you will know whether its winding in so reverse the polarity. Ive done this a few times if i have had cars delivered with no keys and the handbrake is on


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surely by disconnecting the battery, changing the pads then reconnecting once complete solves the issue of the sensor being made..?