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Rear light upgrade thoughts please

+robster+a7+tdi Jul 5, 2020

  1. +robster+a7+tdi

    +robster+a7+tdi Registered User

    ok i have prefacelift but think the facelift rear lights are nicer like a huracan kinda vibe and the smoked rs7 lights just add that nice touch to the back of the a7 in my opinion.

    Will this be trashy on a prefacelift seeing it as a mismatch due to exhaust differences or an rs wannabe/ new back old front etc?

    Will i need to get oe rs7 lamps / plug and play or adaptor looms?

    Is there a worthy replica pattern part / again plug and play or adaptors?

    Say i get these that have dynamic sweep indicators and also the dynamic sweep wing mirror strips will the front end be outdated .

    id really like to facelift whole car but dont think id be able to get all front end parts at anywhere near reasonable price and id be better upgrading to a newer model - agree?

    think ive just talked myself out of upgrading rear lights lol

    anyway food for thought
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  3. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Second thing I did when I had my A7 3.0T :icon thumright:

    First thing was fitting an AWE Quad exhaust with the twin pipe S7 conversion :racer:

    The sweeping mirror signals wasn’t an option then (but I have those on my S7....)

    You will need a set of facelift rear lights and the aftermarket control modules. There are no good quality “cheap” lights out there, so you need to keep your eyes peeled out for an eBay listing, or purchase a full kit from the likes of these guys here

    Its a relatively simple conversion, you do need to remove the tailgate trim to run some cables, change some plug pins over etc. So be prepared to roll your sleeves up!

    My old A7
  4. +robster+a7+tdi

    +robster+a7+tdi Registered User

    I see you bought a whole kit by looks of it. And although the right way to do it is a bit rich for me.
    Ive just purchased a full set genuine used lights and hope they will at least work plug and play with static indicators before I suss out the best option to source the required module harnesses to enable the dynamic sweep if I am on the right thought path with this

    At near $500 from bks for the modules I will take the plunge for these modules if needed to get it done and total job will still cost less than half the budget of a brand new full kit , but will be looking for a cheaper alternative to these harness modules if they indeed do exist anywhere else
  5. +robster+a7+tdi

    +robster+a7+tdi Registered User

    Are bks legit?
    Seeing bad stories of damaged / old / parts not arriving etc on various forums.
    im ready to drop £360 on the modules i need but it seems a bit offputting.
    German company wanting paid bank transfer which leaves me with my pants down if it goes wrong.
    credit card type payment not working on their site ( very convenient)
    converting euro to gbp getting quite messy
    or send me a paypal invoice to my email ( i dont have paypal or know the ins and outs of protection).
    They claim plug and play no coding its all good ( seems too good to be true)

    advanced incar technologies show these module looms (£425)out of stock yet full light kits with these module looms available

    Hazzy days got back to me can only offer a wshop visit (380 miles each way) for fit my lights wire and code plus probable new updated module46 with software version 510 or above ( mines has version 330) also pricing to be determined.

    kufatec have hopefully the right wiring loom (159 euros) to get my lights working with static indicators but this is where i am lacking some info... again the advert mentions version 510 or above and comes with a coding dongle that can be used only once i am assuming to program module46 to work dynamic indicators and this is something that can be done at a later date.( but may need keys or other modules coded to it?)
    i will contact kufatec with my questions as i am finding it hard to get specific details on this mod where folk that have done this mod have either got retrofit done at a garage or bought whole kit and been lucky thier kit wires in compatible with their later software (than mine) in their central convenience module.

    am i missing something ?
    anywhere else to try ?

    i dont want to abandon this modification if i can find a solution

  6. +robster+a7+tdi

    +robster+a7+tdi Registered User

    raf s7
    i have kept searching and found your light retrofit over on audi world forum and you have indeed used bks tuning so that makes me more comfortable now.
    ill contact them again see if there is an easier way to do the deal
  7. +robster+a7+tdi

    +robster+a7+tdi Registered User

    Ok hope i am getting somewhere now.
    To anyone else thinking of doing this here is what ive learnt so far.
    there are a few options and pitfalls

    One thing im waiting on a reply from kufatec etc . that im unsure of if this will work is.........new facelift lights on pre facelift car with kufatec or similar adaptor harness without changing ccm or any coding etc.....will this work the new lights as static indicator / error messages / not work at all / do damage /etc ?? im not willing to try !!

    Some companies show looms covering different models a7/a6/A5 etc but think thats generic modules waiting for the correct plugs/pinouts waiting to be adopted before shipping out to end user?

    Pay big for original tail lamps as a complete kit with the elusive plug and play adaptors with dynamic modules for DIY .

    Pay big for original tail lamps fitted by a specialist retrofit company where they will either supply and fit as above or supply only plug adaptors and have to in most cases change module 46 to a later module with at least software version 510 and coding will be required also may need to have all keys present to code with this new module? more costs and travel / accomodation to garage may be required.

    Easiest cheapest way is probably buy china or taiwan made copy plug and play lights( with adaptor plugs still need a bit of graft) that look ok in video but can not comment on reliability or finish without seeing them first hand, i would worry about dulling of plastics with uv rays over time etc

    There is also of course semi dynamic indicator looms on the cheap for your original lamps but im not a fan of these, the function may look ok to some but im not a fan !

    Middle Pricing is get a good deal of oe tail lights from ebay or similar and if happy with the price and condition then get the adaptor / module combined looms that do NOT require any coding or newer comfort control module(46), i had difficulty sourcing these as most people have moved on from this mod or already done the mod so it is not a hot topic anymore, therefore said required adaptors seem to be out of stock or very high price here in the uk ( if you can get a reseller to get stock)
    i had to look at german companies where bks were not easy to do the transaction with and that never happened.
    a few other enquiries and i hope to have sourced from a german manufacturer who builds themselves at a reasonable price and was straightforward to purchase

    here is the link https://www.carat-garage.de/index.p...3-dynamisch-blinker-94-95-97-101-167-173-html

    ive also ordered (chinese) sweeping wing mirror indicators to compliment the tail lights, they are a projected 5- 6 week wait from amazon and hope to update the thread with success story everything fitted
  8. +robster+a7+tdi

    +robster+a7+tdi Registered User

    OK then maybey some companies as above trying to keep a nice boon on the go (across the whole vag range?)by swerving the supply of this type of solution.? or maybey i just think out loud too much lol!

    got replies from above companies
    Well apart from bks that never replied after i asked for a secure method of payment or to list what i need on ebay or amazon--- they were nearly £120 dearer anyway so glad that transaction never got through.
    the excuses for the others in no particular order were, ...........its not possible without replacing my comfort module and recoding everything including all keys if i can get it to them at their workshop ...........its not available for left hand drive cars...........due to the covid we have no supply ,maybey next year and also they sell the 4xlight units with dongles in stock but can get no supply? etc! i just thought i was getting ***** around!

    So not to shirk a job and to give the next guy a chance i come here with good news.
    i picked up my modules from dhl drop off point after work tonight ( from carat garage aka audiamant)
    stripped boot liners out
    swapped with supplied plugs from car original light plugs
    ran the joining wire (possibly a syncronising timer for the dynamic indicators?)from outer to inner lights each side and secured them along the moving hinge loom etc
    tested ok well chuffed oem lights working as intended with no coding required for me. but instructions are supplied and there is a coding for rare early software versions included.
    My dynamic lights function at every demand e.g indicator / hazard / central locking.

    just need to find some trim clips that popped off and fell into wheel tub then build the boot liner parts back up

    Then my smoked dynamic mirror indicators are about a 5 week wait so will be back showing them off too

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  9. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Sorry for not getting back to you, for some reason I didn’t get any notification that you’d responded :confusion:

    Glad to hear you got it all sorted in the end. Once you do one side, the other is easier. The inboard light are a necessary pain unfortunately.

    I think they look great on the car. You won’t meet many C7s with the conversion.

    The dynamic mirrors are pretty cool, just be careful when removing the glass and caps. It’s expensive if you break the mirror glass (I did on pax side - £180 for the glass second hand :crying:)

    John. :racer:
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