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Apr 23, 2022
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S l1600

Please help point me in the right direction!

Q7 2007 rear light issues (multiple)

Number plate - The lamp on the left (looking at the rear of the car) is lit, but the number plate lamp on the Right it out. I have replaced the bulb, but still does not work. Bulb tested for continuity and appears to be OK

I have a note on the dash for rear right lamp put and rear brake light out. Boot lights are OK but the bumper lamps on both sides are out. I have replaced the bulb on the right (as looking at the back of the car) with a bulb which passes continuity testing and it still does not light even after cycling the car through a switch off and restart. I still get the same message.

I have not replaced any bulbs on the left hand side (as looking at the car) yes as I ran out of spares but woudl have expected 1 side to start working if the bulb had been replaced.

Has anyone come across this before and know what the fix is or is it possible to stop bulb checks on the rear of the car using VCDS? If it is i woudl realy appreciate instructions on how to do this.