Rear LED Sportback light queery


07 170 DSG
Jul 30, 2013
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Are they powered by bulbs or not?
Just had the bulb out warning on the outer n/s is off
Is it a new unit?
IMG 2984Medium zps80e42157
After some testing it works with sidelights on and also with headlights, soon as you brake, the bulb warning comes up for the outer n/s but the brake lights work fine.
Just off to scan it.
Was broken wire car side, so stripped and crimped and taped up for now.
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I can't work out why it was turning off when the brake was applied though?
Give the plug a spray with WD40, the water and corrosion will run out after about 5mins, then dry out the gunk with a rag. Also give the metal contacts a gentle burnish with a pin.
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I just cut and crimped them, was dark and daughter was holding a torch for me. I'll get replacement ones and do it properly, solder and heat shrink.
My daughter comes in handy for these moments as well, she's particularly good at changing bulbs in in-accessable places as well
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