rear interior light not working? avant version


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My 04 avant has a problem with the rear interior light not working. The one in the roof above the boot space. The front and middle lights work fine, so does the tailgate one.

Nothing on vcds, fuse ok, bulbs changed for new. Still nothing! Any ideas?


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Did you get anywhere with this? I have the same problem but I can't see how to remove the lamp unit to check the wiring.


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I had this too,there are clips holding it in. I just replaced mine and works fine again.
£10 breakers,b7 fits too.


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Our a6 was doing this. There was a broken solder joint. Quick fix.


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Just after posting I noticed the bulbs illuminated if I touched them against the contacts but not if they were seated properly, even though it was all clean. I pushed the central area (where the switch is located) upwards, there was a click and now they work again.