Rear Inner CV Joints


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Jan 14, 2015
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Hi there are more "Eye's" on the Normal threads...(DTM Owner)
(Long one)

I am asking any of you “Youngsters” on this Forum, and also Mike (Parts) to help in getting this “Old-un” a solution to a problem?


Anyone replaced theirs with a CV Joint kit etc?

Firstly, I am having trouble deciphering the Audi online parts numbering for the rear inner drive shaft.

Seems there are two types, and are repair kits, one shows an extended shoulder on the joint itself, and one that is basically no shoulder... (I believe mine are without the shoulder)...both items are listed with, or without Boots?

I Have been trying all sorts of aftermarket suppliers, and seem to be having problems of identifying them?....I have found one kit in mind, but will have to dismantle the existing joint to check on the "Splines", this particular joint kit has the following measurements...Dia 84mm..Width 26mm Flange holes of 10mm, and 25 splines.......Does this mean anything to anyone?

The kits that I have been enquiring on are also as ambiguous in part numbers and descriptions as the Audi part Number & description, in that the aftermarket Kit comes with:

Boot with flange (Fitted), Shaft Circlip, Small Boot to shaft jubilee clip, CV Joint, 2 gasket seals for joint faces, backing cup flange, 6 New Bolts, CV grease.

Meyle (Germany) have said that they do not do this joint, as they believed it is sealed to the shaft, with only the wheel side being of a replaceable item? this the case?...I do have my doubts, as mine do look like the Kit outlined above? it seems the new gasket seals should seal the actual joint as fitted (Cup-Joint & Booted Flange to Joint??)

I have some approximate measurements, so would have thought the Joints are not to dissimilar to B7 Specials with BUL engine's, and FUB diff's?...still unclear on parts data for comparisons.

I am trying to resolve the size question, in that will then relieve me the task of having to split a joint to check the splines (Outer measurements can be done in-situ)....though it does seem that I may have to do this?!!

(23/7/16..still awaiting replies from Audi, SKF, GKN..and others, nothing positive)

Your turns....Anyone!!

Grateful Thanks in advance!!