Rear Indicator LED bulb flicker


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I've swapped the stock halogen bulbs at the rear of my C6 Avant for LED bulbs, the type that just fit in place of the original bulbs. The car has the rear clusters with the factory LEDs for the tail / brake lights, halogen for the indicator, reversing and fog lights.

I've noticed that with the ignition on the new indicator bulbs flicker occasionally. A bit of googling found me various forum threads that suggest it is the test system looking for a bulb outage, too short to be visible on a halogen bulb filament.

The question is, is there a way to turn off the test for specific bulbs? (Or possibly all of them, I will probably do the swap for the reverse and fog lights too anyway) Also was there ever a factory C6 with full LED rear lights?




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I don't believe it is possible to disable the bulb monitoring. I have fitted LED DRLs and Sidelights to match my factory xenon color and they do exactly the same thing for the same reason.
It may be worth dropping T8UPS a message on here though as I'm sure he's looked into the issue in the past.