Rear end photos only! Rate that ***!


Fat fives are off a8's, rare as rocking horse poo, just the way we like it haha
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After a detail:

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Heres my rear ;) Little before and after too :p

IMG 2070IMG 2069IMG 2499IMG 2496

Just waiting on the lowering springs and spacers....
No V6's yet??!!!!

Some beaut S3's there though!!!!!

Here's my V6 ;)


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you got some sticky tyres since it's parked on the wall :undwech:
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a handful through the ages to throw in to the mix...

an *** that i spotted in town and took a quick snap. hope you can make the plate out...

and finally a bit of mood lighting ***, can you tell i like ***?

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Upside down? It's the right way up on my feed lol
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That's Tapatalk for you, it's upside down for me as well ;)
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