Rear end knocking


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Jun 4, 2011
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Warham, Norfolk, United Kingdom
A week after lowering my Avant (30mm with b5 spring cups) im now getting a knock/lump on the rear when the passenger rear wheel (sounds like its coming from here) catches a pot hole. Doesnt always seem to do it and only on back roads. Have been and had 4 wheel alignment and they couldnt see anything wrong. The noise sounds like the boot isnt shut properly if you know what i mean. Any ideas???
Probably not related at all but i also had new brakes, fitted new alloys and tyres A6 Slines Et43 with 235/40/18 and a full service including fuel filter at the same time just to give as much info as i can.
I had a similar noise on mine, turned out to be a broken spring - pop both rear wheels off and check the base of the spring - mine had broken off and the broken piece was knocking about causing the noise
the wheel hitting the arch liner, or the bump stop being hit :(
usualy the bump stop neds shortening too
Well, turns out my knocking is from the Rs4 RARB. The bushes have started to slip off???? Mymate thinks they may be a bit soft. So gonna order some poly ones and see how it goes
Cool i sorted mine out today all mine was was the adhustable cup on the rear was rattling about so at work i make a a clamp as such and fitted it.... Outcome = mint, im so happy iv sorted it now.

Also managed to fit my new cupra r splitter as my old one was smashed to hell due to me not fitting it right last time so had a sucessful day today and really happy with the outcome :)