Rear diffuser trim removal


A4 2.0TFSI Black Edition
I am looking to remove the rear bumper lower trim (as in the photo)
does anyone know the easiest way to do this ?
I have trim removal tools , just don’t want to unnecessarily remove more than I have to.


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As far as I can remember it’s definitely a bumper off job.... I’ve looked for pictures of my bumper when it was off the car but I can’t find any which show the clips ! It’s not awful to do - I managed single handled but a mate would definitely help.


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I've removed these from my 2017 tt and a3 . Undo the fixings normally 2 or 4 at each end . Park in direct sun to warm up the clips then give it a good rough handed pull so to speak . The rougher the better !

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A4 2.0TFSI Black Edition
Thanks for the replies.
The trim is slightly damaged , so it’s just a case of replace with new.
I may remove the diffuser and see if I can get to all the clips from there .