Rear dash cam


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The car I had before my Audi A1 2019 I had fitted both front and rear blackvue dash cameras so when I sold my car I kept them for this car. When I bought the Audi it had the front Audi UTR dash cam already fitted so I decided to have a go at fitting the blackvue rear dash. I decided to just use the cigar socket as I was unsure about connecting to the fuse box in case it caused a warranty issue. Here's some photos of how I have fitted it
I have tucked the cable (green) under the trim by using a plastic trim tool
then continued along till I reached the end of the trim
and then I threaded it under the passenger seat and behind the seat belt to then tuck it under the rear door trim
i then followed the trim around to the rear seat and tucking it along under the seat
then tucked it around the part where the seat hinge is
then tucked under the trim that was going up to where there is a gap where seat belt comes out
I then threaded it up to where all the cables go up to the tailgate
I threaded it through the rubber cable cover
i then removed the tailgate trim to get the cable up to the rear camera
once I connected it to the camera and tested to make sure everything was working
put all the trim back and the only place where you can see the cable is at the cigar socket. Once I had worked out the route of the cable is was pretty easy to do.