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Rear caliper/hand brake

paultownsend Sep 11, 2013

  1. paultownsend

    paultownsend Registered User

    Hi guys. I admit this is on a mk4 golf chassis, but I find this forum far superior and the 8L is the golfs cousin.

    I have a funny issue with the handbrake. Although it had received new disks and pads, it nearly failed the MOT for efficiency.
    When the brake is released the pads will rub. I have to pump the pedal a few times to stop the rubbing. Also the lever itself feels slack until its received a few pumps.

    When doing the pads and disks (Pagid) I degreased then used Mintex Ceratec on the sliding pins and back of pads. I also picked up a set of OE cables just incase they are stretched.

    Or do we think its an internal ratchet issue? Any how to guides on the web?
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  3. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    Sounds like you might need to bleed the system/change the brake fluid, that would be where I would start if you need to pump the pedal.
  4. JimS3

    JimS3 Registered User

    The rear calipers sticking on these is very common, two main causes to check for.

    The guide pin boots can split and let water an salt in and the corrode and seise, you can get a service kit here:


    Also the outer mechanism for the screw calipers handbrake sticks, applying plenty of WD40 and working the lever the handbrake cable pulls often frees them up.

    You can also fit caliper return springs (standard on some other vag models) to the calipers, see here:

    Rear brake caliper return springs - Skoda Octavia I - BRISKODA.net - The Skoda Forum and Community

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