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Help Please Rear Bumper Repair

Indian999 Jul 4, 2018

  1. Indian999

    Indian999 New Member

    Hi All

    I'm after some help please.

    Got back to my car today and found someone had keyed the rear panel next to the fuel cap (it definitely wasn't there this morning as I put fuel in and would have noticed it).

    This has now added to the scuffs already on the bumper (all of which have been caused by others!!!) so I'm thinking of getting the whole thing repainted but haven't got a clue on what type of price I should be looking at or if there is anyone someone can recommend (I'm in Leeds but willing to travel if it's a good job)?? Am I looking at a few hundred quid or in the high hundreds/thousand??

    My other option is to just have the back bumper replaced and the key mark repaired (chipsaway??) but having looked around, cannot seem to find a 2nd hand rear bumper for my car (A4 S-line, 2l TDI Quattro 2010).....is there anywhere anyone could recommend?

    I'm looking to sell the car shortly so ideally need this doing in the most cost-effective way as possible!!

    Sorry for the long message and thanks in advance.

    Cheers 20180703_195123.jpg 20180703_195147.jpg 20180703_195205.jpg 20180703_195233.jpg

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