Rear brake upgrade b5 a4 2.5 tdi quattro


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Hi guys, i am thinking of upgrading the rear brakes on me v6 tdi quattro, any suggestions on what will fit ? I am a very competent mechanic so fitting is not a problem. I allready have 312mm front ATE discs and pads and the car stops better than before but the rears looks lost in the arches.


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B5 S4 256x20mm vented disks and the corresponding calipers would just about match those fronts perfectly, as the S4 runs 321mm fronts.


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Anyone selling a rear brake set-up for the s4 ? Thanks... Really need to upgrade now as i've just got myself an ATE Power Kit with Brembo style calipers and masive 330mm discs and pads. The flexys are missing from the kit but ECP are trying to order me a set wich will take 2-3 weeks to build and send from Germany ?! Thanks.