Rear brake caliper carrier bolt on quattro question


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doing the brakes and discs on my A3 Quattro TDI and to get the discs of i need to remove the carrier and it is held on by 2 splined bolts part number N91168901 and size is M12 x 1.5 x 65 i might be silly asking this question but doing so and then i can buy the right tool for removal , it looks like a spline type ,question is ,the fact that its states 12mm is it the 12mm spline socket i need ? ,if you get my meaning .Thanks in anticipation


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Don't know about size but they're also called triple squares. The spline is a square rotated three times.

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If it is the M12 bit you are referring to that relates to the thread on the bolt. It gives you an idea of how coarse the thread is. It has nothing to do with the size of the tool needed.

You can pick up spline tool sets pretty cheap. It's not a bad investment as audi use spline bolts a fair bit on their cars.