Rear boot trim buzzing


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Hi everyone, me again- i'm not in a nick picky mood honest :wacko:

As the title says, the left side boot trim on my 3door card is buzzing everytime i turn my radio up, anybody got any idea's of how to solve this as i have tried a few things but to no avail, and it doing my head in......

Thanks again


Do you mean the left panel inside the boot? The carpeted panel in front of where the Sub is?

If so I found that the plastic strengthening on the back the carpeted panel vibrates against the plastic box that contains the sub. You will see some wear marks, where the two plastics rub.
I got fed up with it and used some old car carpet (like you'd use for a stealth parcel shelf, or flooring etc), and covered the outside of the sub box with it. That cured mine.

I only covered the parts of the came in contact with the panel, so all the ventilation holes in the sub box are not blocked. Try that and see if that cures it.

If that sounds like your problem, it may be worth looking into.