Rear 356x22mm Disc Upgrade Kit


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Has anyone done it? If so pictures please


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Front brakes should be upgraded first. You don’t want more braking power at the rear.

356discs :wtf:


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Stop spamming threads asking for coding - check the VCDS boards and map.


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Has anyone done it? If so pictures please

356mm on the front. I can’t think of a reason why these would go on the rear.


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I’m guessing this is purely for aesthetics because it wouldn’t make me confident with braking. If your planning on running 356x22 on the rears you’d want something like 390-410 on the fronts which would mean 20” wheels potentially for clearance!

I’ve spent many many hours researching rear brakes as I’m looking at bettering mine on my S3 8L G30-770 build and the rears only do 20-30% braking, you start putting massive brakes on the back your asking for trouble. Arguably if you has 370x32 on the front you could get away with 330’s on the rears.

All this of course depends on what calipers your planning to use and what your master cylinder capabilities are.

I’ve got 368x36 on the fronts with 6 pots and 298x20 on the rears with standard caliper, I’m probably going to increase the rears to 309x20 and change the rear caliper to a 4 pot with independent mechanical handbrake caliper. This should even the bias out a bit better but not have a massive impact on the MC.

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