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Really Need Help Guys ongoing DPF Issues

Sp3no82 Aug 3, 2018

  1. Sp3no82

    Sp3no82 Member

    I am at my witts end with this car, I have a practically brand new turbo that's absolutely fine, I have a DPF which was replaced a few years ago, I have fitted a new Air Mass Meter, new fuel filters, regular oil changes, I'm quite sure there is no boost leak, I ran it only on premium fuel but all of a sudden I'm DPF light keeps coming on a its failing to regen.
    I drove from Essex to Leicester back from visiting family and had to get the missus to preform a forced Regen as we drove, temps went up to 800 centigrade before turbo and the percentages eventually came down to zero but as soon as I accelerated the numbers start climbing fast. I have literally driven 50miles since the regen and the lights back on.
    To me it looks as through the car is overfueling causing excessive soot but performance wise the car is fine it goes like absolute stink.
    Only codes that are logged at in relation to the failed regeneration and the inlet manifold flap motor. As far as I am aware the flap motor has zero effect on the running of the engine, I'm 100% sure its not working as the engine shudders on shut down.
    I have just ordered a new thermostate and Coolant temp sensor but am I missing something here, what could be the causes of this.
    I really need some advice guys and I'm not talking about suggestions to remove the DPF as that is now illegal.
    I have VCDS so can check any parameters that may give me a clue but I don't know what I'm looking for.
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    GDCAUDIA4B7 Active Member Team Dolphin Grey saloon Audi A4 Manual

    Quick suggestion have you checked the temperature sensors for the dpf
  4. Gazwould

    Gazwould Well-Known Member

    That's the problem too many sensors and hardware that can cause fuel enrichment and subsequent dpf death .
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  5. Sp3no82

    Sp3no82 Member

    How can I check the sensors.
    New issue seems to be when the air con is on the engine feels like it's miss firing at idle. Turn off the aircon and it goes away immediately. When reading the measuring blocks and doing a regen I'm getting temperatures before turbo, after turbo and after DPF which all seem to be realistic
  6. Sp3no82

    Sp3no82 Member

    Just had a really good chat with the guys at Darkside developments, they sell OEM quality replacement ASV's at really good prices so rang up to check the part number against mine and mentioned the issue I was having. Apparently the ASV does allot more that close when you turn off the car it actually work in conjunction with the EGR and if the ASV is not working your EGR wont be either so a new ASV should sort my soot problems according the them.
    New one should be with me by the weekend and its made by the same supplier that make the OEM units so its basically OEM at a fraction of the price.

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