really annoying squeak


hmmmmm interesting.
Dear all,

Has anyone else had a really annoying loud squeak from their seat. It seems to be coming from the back, right hand side and is only present when going around a left corner.

Its getting louder...

do you think i should take the seat apart, clean everything and put it back together, or should i just loose weight ?

(their black recaro S3 seats. )



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got similar aqueak but think my my rear anti roll bar. will get bushes replaced soon. I thought it was the door for a while


hmmmmm interesting.
no its definately the seat, squeaks even when i get out the car and press on the seat.


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i know what it is - its the catch that holds the seat to the body- lay the seat down and you'll see what i mean - even if you dont think it s that , wrap some insulation tape around it and place the seat back in its normal position. I had put high density foam around the seat edges , etc, etc , but the problem was the catch/clip arrangement .