Really annoying PC problem!!


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Jun 19, 2007
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My cd tray keeps opening and closing by itself, as if someone is watching me with a remote control for it, at a point when it will really annoy lol!
Anyone had this? Anyone know how to get rid?

Ive trawled the pc forums, and cant find a solid answer. Ive updated my anti-virus and scanned it, and nothing comes up. Im close to removing the whole thing to stop it. Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhh!!

Hope someone can save my sanity, and pc's life.
lol the little hole is for poking a paper clip in to release the tray should it not work when its powered up.
Proably electrical fault with the cd player if its randonly opening. If have a spare / can borrow one then try that and see if it has a fault. Probably cheaper these days to replace it rather than repair it.
I've seen some spyware that can open the cd player but its very rare.

1st just go into device manager & delete the cd/dvd drive from the list then do a restart, see if this then corrects the issue as it will automatically reinstall the drive by itself, see if that stops it from opening all the time, check you dont have any files to be written to the drive either so its not opening the drive for a disc, vista can do this, try pushing that button anyway with a pin head to make sure that not somehow playing up, you'll be amazed at what sometimes makes things work on pc's, before getting to technical try these things
Make sure nothing is stopping the drive from fully closing, sometimes that causes them to spring open, then automatically close after a short period

To rule out all software related issues you can hold the PC at the BIOS and leave for a while to see if it does it then. You can do this by usually pressing F2 or DEL shortly after turning on, or pressing the Pause key to pause boot (press the BREAK key when ready to carry on). If you get to the windows boot screen you've gone too far.

If you are local I could take a look, I run an IT support company - but i'm sure you'll sort it
Is the drive going right in before it comes back out?
Most drives will automatically close but if jammed will open again.

I would suggest buying a replacement and testing that, they're so cheap these days you can get a dual layer dvd writer for less than a tenner.
Guys, thanks for all your responses!! Basically, its Avast antivirus. The cd tray will totally close, sometimes for a few minutes before beginning it's 'attack' again.
The motor is really noisy and even when im sat in front of the tray on my pilates ball (no seal-lion jokes please) it has enough power in it to move the ball!!
Looking like I will just get another tray, see if that helps!
Also, sometimes the button wont work to power the tray open manually.
Try starting the PC up in safe mode (press F8 while booting) and see if it still does it.
This can happen if a trojan has installed itself and someone has remote control to your system over the network / internet.
Does it happen if you unplug your network connection / turn off your wireless so there is no connection to any network?

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