Read this if cruise control doesn't work or you have rough shifting


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I opened a thread a while ago to inquire about a problem with my 2008 A4 2.0 TDI CR (143hp) CAGA. Shifting was very rough, especially at low speeds and mainly 1st and 2nd gear. I tried refreshing the gearbox oil, but that didn't help. I was also thinking to change the clutch, that's how desperate I was.

Then I installed a cruise control stalk, enabled it in VCDS and even though the stalk worked (I could measure the input on the laptop), cruise control wouldn't work. After scanning with VCDS, I got an error about a clutch position switch. On this car model, the clutch switch is integrated in the master cylinder, so big bucks. Another interesting thing was the clutch switch error was registered in the parking brake module. I did my research and it seems that they are prone to fail, so I decided to buy a revised version on ebay (8K0907801H) for just £35...

Well, you guessed it: two problems disappeared at the same time. Apparently, if the car doesn't know when the clutch is engaged/disengaged, it doesn't cut power at the right time, making it difficult to engage gears. Also, the cruise control now works like a charm. Errors are gone and you guessed it, there's nothing wrong with the clutch switch. If you have similar symptoms, you might want to try the part above. Like I said, for that money, it's your best bet!


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Is this on a S-tronic box? My shifting is awful when coming to a stop or in slow moving traffic in D, doesn't seem to know when to disengage the clutch when coming to a stop unless i brake hard. but no issues at all in manual or shifting when at higher speeds.

Never had any errors come up clutch switch would make some sense.

Since i've got the milltek i spend most of mine time in manual anyways so doesn't really bother me but would be nice to fix!