Re-sticking down window chrome trim(what to use ?)


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Can't believe this happened today after washing the car.

While drying the car with a drying towel, the towel got caught on a edge of the seem of the rear left quarter window(just above where it bends round in the corner there is a seem) and i managed to pull it out a bit DOH!. Now, because it had been pulled out a bit it now has slight spring action when pushing in. I have tried different glues in have in the house but it always springs back out because of the long drying time of the glue(even tried to tape it but it still springs open)

Anyone have any recommendations on what i can use ?

There are 3 options i can think of...............

1) double sided trim tape ?. Will that be sticky enough to stay stuck ?

2) Gorilla super glue, that sticks in 10-30 seconds ?. Very tempted by this stuff

3) Take it to Audi for them to sort out ?(can i just turn up or do i need to book). But i want to try 1 & 2 before i do that

At the moment i have some tape on the area just to stop any rain getting in(as i type its peeing down[rolls eyes].

Forgot to take pics sorry
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My suggestion - try the Gorilla Glue but hold it in place yourself till it sets. Patience my man!


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Does it look like it could have just come loose? If it does the dealer may well fix it if the car is still under warranty.

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Yeah it's gotta be gorilla or superglue...................I used mine to turn my right hand into a permanent vulcan sign................:whistle2:



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Word of warning with that Gorilla glue, look what happened when this one played a trick on his mate and smeared some on his seat ......