Re-Map A4 2.0 TFSI Help


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Hello everyone

I recently bought a 2006 A4 2TFSi. Great car and great engine. I’ve not done anything much to the yet part from installing my aftermarket double din pioneer system into the car by just reading posts on this forum. Eventually got it done. Lot of companies were trying to make a small fortune off me by charging around £200 for installation etc. Its great system

Anyway, I was looking for some advice on remapping. From what I have read you can really let the car be free with one of these plus I want to make sure if i race a BMW, I can put it in its place(ha ha). I have done some initial research and apparently I can get the car mapped to about 250-260bhp with around 7% save in fuel (driven sensibly), which is great.

Just wondering your thoughts on remapping and should I be ask for something in specific, a particular type?

Do any of you know any decent re-mappers in Derby? Near Derby? And rough cost of doing so. I have come across a company called Fine Tuning but don't know much about them. They quoted around 250-300 for it.

Any other advice or help would be welcome.

Attached a picture of the car too. Like I said nothing done as of yet but least you have some image.

If you all think my first mod should be something else, then please let me know. I am also going to get the cupra front split but I head your have to drill some holes - also some tints!!! Should be fun.

Thanks guys

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No experience of other maps but can tell this Apr one transforms the car.
As for the splitter, you don't need to drill holes, you can just use self tapping screws straight in..

Your tyres look a little flat though, especially the front one....

£250-300 sounds about right unless you go revo or Apr etc.


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Thanks Razza.

How much are the Apr 1's...not heard of them...are they based around midlands area. and any reason why they are better than any other re-map. Have you a website link too?

The picture was taken ages ago. when i first bought it. tyres full inflated now :)

Thanks for the advice on the splitter. any idea where to best get them from?

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My car was done at awesome gti, simple google search will find them, but they do revo now instead. Can't really compare to others as this is the first mapped car I've had.
Get the splitter from your local seat garage.


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I got mine mapped by Angel tuning. It cost £300 and gives about 260bhp. I'd like to compare to other maps for the reason the turbo does give a bit of a high pitch shreek at high revs, but maybe that's normal.


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I've got mine booked in for a Revo re-map at autotechnica in Hull as they have a sale on at the mo at £300 :)


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That not a bad price....


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try JBS chesterfield custom code nice maps and well known in the vag tuneing scene

and the 7% fuel saveing on a 2.0 fsiT is **** you will see when you get it done


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I have tried REVO and APR maps and found they were very aggressive maps. They tend to load on a lot of torque early on the RPM range as a result the power tends to fall of early ..around 4000/4500 rpm. Some people like this type of map but it wasn't for me. I went for a custom map by "Custom code" my custom map allows the car to pull strong throughout the RPM range all the way to 7000rpm, the power is linear and progressive, exactly what I was after.

APR and REVO offer trail maps if you fancy comparing them. (Just ensure they upload your standard ecu file once the trail has expired.)


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I keep meaning to get mine down to R-Tech in Hinkley, £275 for the map including before and after rolling roads so you know exactly what you are getting! Alot of my friends with A3's have had their cars mapped there, and also hear they they have a very good reviews from the VW Golf people!



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Could well be right on that Solaris, as it does seem to kick in very hard....


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Morning everyone.

Thanks for your help everyone. Very useful information on what I needed.

Bez101 – the 7% fuel saving comment. I take by this comment that am I expeced to burn more petrol with a remap than I am now? I thought I would have some saving, even just a little!

Solaris I read on other post you made that you stated that other remaps fall out to quick an that your custom map keeps on kicking through out the revs, which is what am looking for.

Do you know average cost for this customer code re-map from JBS?

I will give JBS a call later chesterfield later today and see what they can offer.

Bigman – I will keep the R-tech in mind. That’s not far at all to travel.
Thanks all


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Mine was mapped by Pendal Performance they claim 260 ish bhp some one on here has the same map and claimed 277bhp rolling road proven but I am doubtful from just a map. Any way seems plenty quick enough but I wouldnt bank on the mpg of the 2.0t ever being good if thays what your after you bought the wrong car lol


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