Help Please Rattling sound when at drive


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Apr 9, 2023
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Audi a4 2014 2.0tfsi quattro with 94k km

Engine is very noisy and i can notice a rattling sound when i put it on drive but only stationary. I checked everywhere and theres nothing loose. Any help would be appreciated.
Video is in the folder. Im not sure any other way on how to post a video just in here.
Your link is private. If you can, upload the video to Youtube or Imgur (you can post as hidden then share the direct link, remember to upload with sound).

I had a rattling noise on my S4 that sounded like it was coming from the engine. I eventually found a corroded and loose exhaust clamp that rattled as certain frequencies.
Check the heat shields they corrode around the bolts and start to rattle
I eventually found a corroded and loose exhaust clamp that rattled as certain frequencies.
Good call. The exhaust clamps are usually corroded if not broken completely. I replaced mine with Mikalor stainless steel. Heat shields as mentioned - then the fastening brackets or studs have long gone. Need to get the car up on ramps or shuffle under with axle stands to investigate.
The rattling on mine was a combination of heat shields (easy and cheap fix with a big washer) and the flexi pipe just after the CAT, not so easy and cheap.

I've got another rattle that happens when I close a door, so another suspected heatshield.
Finally got around to the rattle and it was a heat shield very high up. That's every single one now I've had to fix due to corrosion, presumably the steel fixings and aluminium heat shield (why they still do this I don't know).

Unfortunately, access was a pig and we found an even harder to reach fixing on the same shield was gone completely. Got a bit of a bodge job done until I order up the fancy fixings as nuts and big washers aren't working this time.

Does anyone know if this fixing can be removed and replaced as the thread has snapped?