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Rare Octavia 4x4 1.8t estate in scrap yard

Andy1.8T-- Mar 29, 2018

  1. Andy1.8T--

    Andy1.8T-- Member

    Had a call today from my local scrap yard. Said come have a look at this.

    Turns out to be a 4x4 Y reg Octavia Estate. Has black and cream leather VRS stitched seats. Full 4wd system.
    I had a look over the engine bay and if i recall right was a AUK or ARK engine code. Had a full Samco hose kit on it too in blue which i promptly had for my own 20v engine bay on my Audi.
    Looks like it has big possibly 312mm brakes on the front too
    Will get some pics Tuesday when open again.

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  3. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Nice! Guessing it's not going back on the road then if your having bits off it. Wish mine was putting power to the four wheels that's the only thing the car is lacking really.
  4. Andy1.8T--

    Andy1.8T-- Member

    Could probably fit the running gear to yours. Not sure what floor plan its on?
    Believe it uses the Haldex system? If anyone can shed any light.

    And its in my local scrap yard i just had the boost and coolant hoses off it as all samco and not that old.

    Gonna have the turbo off it as a spare too. There's a golf turbo and im having that turbo. £50 if any one wants one.

    Any other bits i can get and post
    Have some crazy cars come in my local scrap yard. I always get a call its my pal in there car part side of it.

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