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So I bought this Audi last year and think it might be as rare as rocking horse sh1t. If anyone has one of this spec then please let me know. Or if there is any geniuses out there who can find out how many with exact spec match are still out there.

I am thinking of selling unless it is as rare as I think.

Car details
Audi A6 Avant
2.5 Tdi V6 180bhp AKE engine
Full Cream Leather
Blue dash
Blue Paintwork


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Alex jb

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There is a dwindling number of C5’s on the road, soon they will all be rare!

Don’t know if it’s rare, but the blue and cream is a lovely combo.

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Just to add. This is a 6speed Manual! In the process of putting in new clutch and dual mass flywheel.
If anyone is interested then please get in touch.