Raps3 Nogaro S3 8v (pic Heavy)


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So I thought I'd start a thread here and capture some info in one place.

I've been around the forums for a while and owned each model S3 - the 8L, 8P and when the 8V was announced I resisted for a while but then gave in and ordered one.

My previous S3's for those who have been around a while may remember them
Hard to believe this was 10 year ago !!

Then the 8P

I ordered the 8V in Dec 2013-Jan 2014 and then after many spec and colour changes which ended up adding more time to my order I finally took delivery of my Nogaro S3 on the 1st August from Kings Lynn Audi

I ended up speccing:
  • S3 8V Manual 5 Door
  • Exclusive Nogaro Blue
  • Supersport seats
  • Bang & Oulfslen
  • Parking system plus
  • Through load
  • Hll hold assist
  • Folding heated mirrors
  • Privacy glass
  • LED Headlights
  • Interior light pack
  • TPMS
  • Roof rails
The colour took me an age to decide - I loved my Azure Blue 8L S3 many moons ago - but it was a pig to keep swirl free and showed every defect - so Estoril blue was out. I then thought about Sepang but at the time it was exclusive only and the rumours were rife that it was going to be added to the options list - so I couldn't stomach paying the £2k for it. So it was then down to Nogaro, Sprint or Riviera. Riviera I decided I couldn't live with day to day as its too much - ok for a toy but not for the missus to take the kids to school in every day. Sprint was so "last model" and I'd had spring on my previous S3 - so Nogaro it was. I did have a wobble and considered Monsoon grey and saving the cash - but hey - what can I say I like blue S3's :)

So as it arrived at the dealer

Day of collection

Tucked up at home

A couple of pics from earlier on today - different low sunlight - the colour shifts in the pics from a moody deep blue almost purple to a bright blue

Collected some spacers for it yesterday - so first mod to be done, hopefully get them fitted tomorrow :)


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Looking good mate, I've always been a fan of Noggy, almost bought a Noggy S4 once but got a red one instead.
Any plans for it?


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Spacers, dropped a little - some new rims, map/tuning box ....... Who knows :)

I posted this before but I really fancy some CK's always had a soft spot for them



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Deffo best special colour, new rims would be sweet!!


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It was a loooong wait ! But partly my own fault for chopping and changing

Exclusive adds about 6 weeks to the build my dealer told me.


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If it turns out anything like the photoshop pic it'll look awesome mate.


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With a bit of luck mate that's the plan.

Don't think it'll look quite like that like as the wheels look huge lol but you get the picture


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Such a lovely shade. Audi IMO have the best selection of blues; each one is simply gorgeous and you really can't go wrong.


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Looks sweet. CKs will look great. I have some CH-Rs in 19 that I had on my R32 that will fit, but told myself when I got the S3 I would stick to 18s because of the ride - I am tempted tho, but would then need a drop (££££)


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Love it:thumbs up:

Good shout on the wheel/spacer/ride height plans.


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Lowering springs next, then rims in the spring I reckon :)


How are you getting on with the car? I am seriously considering Nogaro on my next car so was searching old threads for examples. Do you still like it? Has it been difficult to keep clean? Do you think it looks different enough to Sepang?


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That is one gorgeous car my sun.


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Mate, just came across your car. The colour is beautiful

Any more pics and did you get the BBS on the car?

Looking at an RS3 in this colour


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Spacers, dropped a little - some new rims, map/tuning box ....... Who knows :)

I posted this before but I really fancy some CK's always had a soft spot for them

Looks sweet mate, I'm still rolling on the CKII's:rock:

Liam Joyce

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Also from Kings Lynn Audi, they are really good there. Can we get the spacer spec/kit you used? I really want to press on and get that mod done. Anyone recommend the best chip/remap? Thanks


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Any colour..... so long as it's Blue ;)

Looks sweet tho!