Random MMI screen/radio fault


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Hi everyone
Random fault happened today.
MMI screen shut it's self away in the dash, no button would make it come out again, could still control it through the steering wheel. Stopped the car, got out and locked it but the radio carried on playing so unlocked the car, turned the engine back on, still the screen wouldn't come out, did the same again and radio carried on playing with the car off and locked, tried again and it just went back to normal and now operating as normal.
Booked in with audi but just hoping it doesn't happen again, not sure if anyone has come across the as yet?
2013 A3 1.6TDI


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Next time try a manual reboot - press the MENU, MMI wheel and top-right soft button at the same time.


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Ha. There's people on here who'd pay to know how you made that happen ;-p sounds like what they want... MMI screen down, but functions still working through wheel & voice recognition ;-p