Raising Compression Ratio


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Thinking about raising the compression from the standard 9:1 to 9.5:1. I am not looking for massive power from this car, I just want something that is economical and comfortable to drive. My understanding of raising the compression will:

1. Increase fuel economy.
2. Better performance on and off boost
3. Increase throttle response.
4. Cost less than going Hybrid.

Only downfall might be higher combustion temps, but with a good intercooler and tuning this should not be a problem.
Has anyone else considered doing or have done this before. What are your thoughts.


i would have thought, i dont know, just thinking, that your power will still be limited by the standard ko4, therefore only real benefit would prob be a bit more torque? something standard rods dont like.
seems to me a lot of hassle, for not much gain.