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I have an Avant with a symphony stereo and have a real problem listening to radio 5 on AM.
Anybody have any clues why? I know the aerial is in the rear window( well I think it is) Can I move it and put one of those sharks tail aerials in the roof? and if I did would it make any difference?


The shark fin is for satnav etc. so will not help with AM reception

Is it just poor AM reception or FM as well?

The AM aerial is located on the glass on the Rear left window

The amp that powers it is located in rear left of luggage compartment under side trim.


A couple of problems I have seen are;

* The wire on the glass broken.
* The wire leading to the glass aerial broken at the amp or the interface with the glass itself.

These last two usually result in poor FM performance as well.

* The aerial amp broken
* The coaxial from the radio to the amp crimped.

Also try unplugging and reconecting all the wires to the amp to make sure they are firmly seated.


concert II" and "symphony II" radio systems -Avant-

1. Control unit for aerial selection
in rear left of luggage compartment under side trim
2. Rear left window aerial
3. Rear window aerial
4. Rear right window aerial.


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AM??? :faint:...Do people still listen to that frequency or bandwith or whatever...:icon_thumright:


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Get a DAB HU and stop listening to pre-War radio quality.


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Digital radio my friend, Very good quality sound too. Plenty of channels for you to listen too aswell